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Hiking at Paonia, CO

GR Bar Ranch in Paonia, Colorado, offers many fun activities that will give you endless excitement and adventures. You can hike with nature along private trails, mountain bike, trout fish beautiful private lakes, go exploring , or sit back and enjoy the amazing views. With all these options, we can't wait to hear what you'll choose first. Call us today! 800-523-6832
Find all of our unique spots that are tucked away throughout the ranch.
Bear Trap park - Hiking on Paonia, CO
1. Bear Trap Park
    • Long bear trap is similar to a dead fall, in that it is constructed so that the bear will enter a narrow passage and at the end of the narrow passage the pioneer cowboy would place raw meat in a steel trap. Once the bear has sprung the trap he was so confined he could not tear free.

      • i.CLUE: The bear trap is somewhere in between Red Springs Cabin and Broken Rope Lake
Cabin Ruins - Hiking on Paonia, CO
2. Cabin Ruins
    • The Cabin Ruins were built in the early 1900’s by pioneer cowboys who used to roam the area. They would build shelters like the Cabin Ruins to stay in.

      • i.CLUE: Located near Eagle Lake and Skull Gate
Figure 8 Corrals - Hiking on Paonia, CO
3. Figure 8 Corral
    • Figure 8 Corral was built a long time ago by pioneer cowboys who would corral their stock during round-up.

      • i.CLUE: Located along Elk Run. Between Eagle Lake and the Rapids.
Gnarly Woods - Hiking on Paonia, CO
4. Gnarly Woods
    • Most Aspen Groves grow straight and tall, but this grove has gnarly trunks. Why do you suppose they are gnarly? Have your picture taken and contemplate

      • i.CLUE: Can be found on foot or horseback near Broken Rope Lake and the forest.
Hidden Lake - Hiking on Paonia, CO
5. Hidden Lake
    • Small natural pond off-the-beaten-path. Find a trail that leads through the trees to the pond and you'll find this treasure

      • i.CLUE: Located near Bear Trap Park and Broken Rope Lake. Keep on the lookout for the trail.
High Park Cabin - Hiking on Paonia, CO
6. High Park Cabin
    • A shell of a cabin. It’s said that the ghost of nature patrols the perimeter on moonless nights.
      • i. CLUE: Hidden within the gnarly woods.
Skull Gate - Hiking on Paonia, CO
7. Skull Gate
    • Passage to a neighboring ranch. Heavy snows sagged the gate and the skull says “Do Not Open”!

      • i. CLUE: Located near the Cabin Ruins on the road to Eagle Lake
The Rapids - Hiking on Paonia, CO
8. The Rapids
    • Runs through the ranch with several steep drops in elevation. Bring your inner tube.

      • i. CLUE: They begin towards the south end of the canal near the Figure 8 Corrals

Our Other Adventures

  • Horseback Riding
    • Trot along the private mountain trails that wind through aspen groves and cross streams that flow through meadows with amazing vistas.
  • Fishing
    • Each lake is stocked with Rainbow and Brown trout of all sizes. They’ll bend your rod and give you a good fight! You are not required to have a fishing license on our ranch and we do not charge for any fish that you catch! Our many lakes are listed below:
      • Spring Lake
      • Rainbow Lake
      • Native Lake
      • Beaver Pond
      • Ute Lake
      • Eagle Lake
      • Horseshoe Lake
      • Broken Rope Lake
  • Hiking
    • We have many private trails that are perfect for guests who love hiking through different terrain and altitude. While every trail is different each has incredible views, wildlife, the sound of trickling water, and nature galore.
  • Mountain Biking
    • We have miles of private roads and trails of varying terrain and altitude changes. You can power through steep climbs, peddle along level ground, and breeze downhill on the entire ranch.
  • Boating
    • At our ranch, you can enjoy row boating and paddle boating. Stretch out and enjoy the warm sun or go for a brisk dip:
      • Spring Lake
      • Rainbow Lake
      • Beaver Pond
      • Ute Lake
      • Eagle Lake
      • Horseshoe Lake
  • Nature and Wildlife
    • Keep a look out as we are home to amazing wildlife, such as elk, deer, black bear, moose, birds, frogs, dragonflies, and more! If you see a black bear, coyote, or a moose, you are incredibly lucky - usually these animals avoid humans.
    • In the meadows, near a stream, or among the aspens you will be able to spot over 60 species of wildflower. Enjoy those birds...hummingbirds, hawks, eagles, robins, blue birds, woodpeckers, grouse, and wild turkey!